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Our Outstanding results make us the 1st choice for chiropractic care in the San Francisco, CA.

Testimonial by Lisa K.


After a few treatments my headaches are practically gone and I no longer take any medication. I have less low back pain and I'm doing things I was unable to do before. I highly recommend Dr. Henry for any problems you may have.

Testimonial by Donna Whitaker


Two year ago, I began treatment with Dr. Bob and now I feel great! Dr. Bob, with confidence and expertise, went deep to correct long unresolved problems in my back and neck.

Testimonial by Joerg W.


I recently had a horrific bicycle accident that fractured my second cervical vertebrae. I had also cracked a rib and separated a shoulder. Along with my orthopedist and physical therapists, Dr. Henry is playing a big part of this healing process. His expertise in soft tissue injuries really makes a difference. By the way, I myself am a practicing medical doctor who comes to Dr. Henry's office via a referral from several of his patients. His adjustments and myofascial release technique are second to none.

Testimonial by Paul Phillips


I was having dizziness, blurred vision and headaches for a while. I had seen three medical doctors and an eye doctor, but didn't get any help. From the first time I saw Dr. Swiryn, the blurry vision went away in four hours and it took just two days until the dizziness was gone.

Testimonial by Gladys (93 years young)


I wend to an orthopedist doctor for 3 years off and on because of pain I had in my hip. I couldn't walk, sit or sleep because of the pain. I was tired of taking pain medication because it would wear off. When I came to see Dr. Henry he was very gentle and understanding. My pain is gone. I can now walk and sit. Dr. Henry is a miracle doctor.

Testimonial by Revonna Rice


For over two years, I endured the most excruciating pain imaginable because of a large herniated disk. Medical doctors and alternative treatments just left me crippled and hopeless. I was unable to work, and was taking strong medication just to handle the pain. Finally, I was told back surgery was my only recourse. Thank God, Dr. Swiryn convinced to try chiropractic treatment. I reluctantly agreed, not really believing it would work. After about two months, the unbearable pain was gone and my life is getting back to normal, without surgery. Thank you, Dr. Bob.

Testimonial by Stan T.


I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light... the pain in my neck became quite unbearable. Atlas Chiropractic was able to get me in right away. Dr. Henry skillfully diagnosed my problem and helped me that very same day. I like the fact that they are about treating the problem and not about drugging me up like other doctors. I appreciate that they have a great team of chiropractors and massage therapists that gave me the best care possible. I highly recommend them.

Testimonial by Amy Austin


I would like to say thank you, Dr. Bob, and tell you how my health has improved since I started regular chiropractic treatment. Over the years, I have been troubled with daily neck and back pain. I have spent hours upon hours working with medical professionals and physical therapists in an effort to relieve my condition. Since receiving treatments at your facility, my daily pain has subsided and eventually vanished.

Testimonial by Aaron P.


Certainly the most thorough exam and specialized testing I've ever had. I had seen various doctors for the burning pain I had after my whiplash. Most of them thought it was in my imagination. Dr. Henry was able to pin point the problem. His medical and legal expertise also really helped support my case, which worked out well. I've also have never felt better, the burning sensation is gone!

Testimonial by Sandy Leftwich


Dr. Swiryn has been a miracle for me. I will continue seeing him, as I have learned the benefits of regular chiropractic care. I have received many chiropractic adjustments in my 18 years of body work. I have never before come across a chiropractor with the innate knowledge and understanding of the body and chiropractic as Dr. Swiryn has.

Dr. Henry Oyharcabal, D.C.
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